How to build an ATO-friendly website: update

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Why you need one, what should be on it, what builder to use and more.

The Medical Republic has written a guide on simple and cheap ways to set up your own website to help make the ATO feel a little more comfortable about your status as a tenant or contract doctor.

This is a follow-up to our story on why doctors should have a website.

Last week we said it would be out on Wednesday this week, but it took a little longer than expected – thanks for your patience.

If you would like a digital copy, you can request one using the form below.

It covers:

  • The High Court ruling on websites and contractors and its relevance to tenant and contract doctors
  • The pros and cons of establishing your own website from a tax audit perspective
  • The pros and cons of even simpler and cheaper alternatives to establishing your own website, such as advertising on Facebook or LinkedIn
  • The minimum requirements for your doctor website
  • The easiest website builders to use and costs
  • Simple recipes to guide you to minimal and cost effective set up
  • Ongoing costs and maintenance
  • Costs of using someone else to build your site
  • Step-by-step instructions using one popular platform with screenshots

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