Genesys patient cloud platform integrates with Epic

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Integration of a major global patient engagement cloud platform with one our biggest enterprise EMRs holds promise for some major hospitals.

Cloud-based patient experience and engagement platform Genesys has announced it is collaborating with Epic’s Workshop program to allow integration of its platform with Epic’s customer relationship management suite.

Genesys already has some presence in Australia, including contracts with the likes of Anglicare, BUPA, Canteen and Lifeline, but is looking to expand here to meet the rapidly increasing demand among healthcare provider organisations for more highly connected patient journeys.

Genesys Cloud is designed to allow healthcare providers to more easily interact with patients throughout care access, diagnosis, treatment, recovery and wellness.

Through a unified communications hub, healthcare providers can facilitate smoother interactions with patients to reduce response time and create more efficient workflows for employees.

The platform allows real-time voice and digital communication data to be married with health information to provide more insights into how patients engage in their health.

Through Genesys Cloud, providers using Epic will have far greater access to critical content from patient interactions, including information from the patient before they get to a hospital. The system is designed for end-to-end patient journeys into and out of hospital to create better patient experience, stronger care plan adherence and reduction of readmissions.

Gensys is installed in more than 600 healthcare organisations worldwide, generating upwards of 130 million interactions per month with patients, members and customers. Six of the top 10 health systems in the US use Genesys as a part of their patient experience offerings.

Epic is set to have a significantly increased footprint across Australia following the decision by NSW Health last year to switch out its long-term Cerner base in a lot of its hospitals with Epic over the next decade, including starting with a pilot in Hunter New England LHD later this year.

Epic is also installed in several major hospitals in Melbourne and the ACT.

“We believe the integration between Epic and Genesys to be critical in having an end-to-end view of the customer journey and driving a superior patient experience,” said Tom Eisenmann, director of access technology and experience at Henry Ford Health in the US.

“Genesys being part of the Epic Workshop is significant to our Front Door healthcare strategy, and we look forward to our customers benefiting from this synergy.

“In an ever-evolving healthcare landscape, the ability to meet the dynamic needs of patients with empathy is paramount,” said Tara Mahoney, vice president of the global healthcare practice at Genesys.

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