Triple RAT adds RSV to home test kit

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The newly approved RAT claims 98% accuracy when testing for covid, influenza and RSV.

The TGA has approved the first triple combination RAT available in Australia for home use. 

The Touch Biotechnology product adds an assay for respiratory syncytial virus to its covid-19 and influenza A/B combination which was approved back in September 2022.  

The company is claiming a “sensitivity rate for all three viruses and an accuracy rate of over 98%” for the triple RAT, which gained TGA approval on 4 May (ARTG No: 408459). 

“The process is the same as for a standard RAT – one nasal swab and a result on all three viruses within 15 minutes,” said Steven Quinlan, Touch Biotechnology’s growth and strategy consultant. 

Mr Quinlan told TMR the triple RAT would be in retail outlets “within a few weeks” and would sell for $17 per unit, or $64 for a pack of five. 

As part of its approval conditions Touch Biotechnology provides an online interactive service to give “immediate customer support on an individualised basis in relation to the correct use of the device, and the interpretation of the test result, and any safety related information”. The company’s service is TouchBio Care.  

The news follows the TGA’s decision to fast-track a review of the mRNA-1345 vaccine against RSV in adults 60 years and older. 

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