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Sales & Marketing Director
Frazer Mackenzie-Andrew
0414 958 144

Production & Client Services Manager
Sarah Stanbridge
0413 027 802

Sales Manager (part-time)
Sarah Wylie
0412 511 421

Sales Manager (part-time)
Toby Pack

0402 154 411

Laura Andronicos

Jeremy Knibbs
0405 128 867

EDITORIAL ENQUIRIES (and submissions)

The Medical Republic accepts submissions from contributors and experts for publication. Contact

Editor in Chief
Dr Linda Calabresi

Editorial Board
Dr Brad McKay
Dr Tim Senior

Acting Managing Editor (contact for internships)
Amanda Sheppeard

Penny Durham

Deputy Editor
Cate Swannell

Production Editor
Grant Holloway

Amanda Sheppeard

Mariella Attard

Harriet Grayson

Helen Tobler

Holly Payne

Lincoln Tracy

Wendy John

Jeremy Knibbs

Events Producer 
Talia Meyerowitz-Katz

Victoria Nelson
Mitch Pascoe

Podcast Producer
Wendy John

The Medical Republic is the trading name of The Moose Republic

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