RACGP exam pass rate soars after eligibility test

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Around 80% of GP registrars got through the first RACGP KFP of this year, a substantial shift from the regular 50-60%.

Nine out of 10 GPs in training who sat the RACGP key feature problem for the first time in February this year have passed the exam, a feat the college has put down to introducing an exam eligibility policy.

A total of 773 registrars passed, out of a total 948, bringing the overall pass rate up to 81.54%. 

In previous years, the pass rate for the exam has sat between 52% and 67%, making this the first time it has even surpassed 70%, according to the available data.

RACGP president Professor Karen Price said that all processes for the development, delivery, marking and standard setting for February’s KFP were followed in line with previous exams and that the major change was in the exam cohort.

RACGP KFP pass rates over the years; data from RACGP website

This was the first cohort which was required to complete an RACGP approved education program to be eligible to sit the exam, a change which Professor Price said brought the college into line with other specialist fellowship programs.

“It’s pleasing to see the exam results, because we recognised that candidates approaching the exams without the support of the Australian General Practice Training program faced challenges,” she told The Medical Republic.

“And this is why we’ve been working hard to improve support and developed a fellowship training program to help ensure candidates are exam-ready.”

As in previous exams, the pass rate for first-attempters was the highest – at about 90% – with a diminishing success rate for registrars on their second, third or fourth attempt.

The KFP, which is held twice a year, is just one of the three exams that registrars must pass to obtain fellowship.

While the KFP is held back-to-back with the applied knowledge test, the clinical competency exam is held on a separate occasion.

Around 75% of registrars passed the first AKT of the year – a relatively high pass rate, but not one that is out of the ordinary for that particular exam.

Of the 696 candidates who sat the both the February AKT and KFP, 518 passed both exams.

The next KFP is set to be held in July, and no CCE has been held yet this year.

ACRRM has not held an exam yet this year.

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