Arrotex to cease supply of lower dose autoinjectors

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Anapen Junior 150mcg and Anapen 300mcg devices will be no longer be distributed in Australia due to a lack of demand, the company has confirmed.

Arrotex Pharmaceuticals has announced it will discontinue the nationwide sale and distribution of its 150 and 300mcg adrenaline autoinjectors (Anapen Junior 150 and Anapen 300), used to treat emergency anaphylaxis. 

The company confirmed supply of its Anapen 300 injector would last until the end of this month, while the Anapen Junior 150 injector will remain available in Australia until the end of September. 

“The decision to discontinue these strengths is due to lack of demand for a second brand of adrenaline autoinjector for the 150mcg and 300mcg strengths,” the company said in its announcement. 

“This decision is voluntary and not related to any quality, safety or efficacy issues regarding the products.” 

The company said the decision would not affect supply of other devices such as its Anapen® Trainer and Anapen® 500 autoinjectors, with the latter currently the only 500mcg injector listed on the PBS. 

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