Australia bonks its way to a bronze medal

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Shaggers, take a bow. Our sex addiction puts us third on a global index of addictive personalities.

Australians’ alleged addiction to sex has propelled the nation to third place in a global index designed to find out the countries with the most addictive personalities. 

The study used 14 indicators to assign a score to each country, including alcohol consumption, smoking rates and online gambling, as well as coffee, tea, sugar and meat imports.  

Romania topped the list with an index score of 66.79, thanks not to its smoking rate (which appeared to the Back Page on a visit some years ago to approach 100%) but to its alcohol consumption of 17L per adult each year. It also ranked in the top 10 for antibiotic consumption (not something we realised you could be addicted to), with an average of 28.50 defined daily doses consumed per 100,000 people daily.  

Latvia came in second with a score of 63.40 thanks to its alcohol use and online gambling addiction, which makes up 0.35% of the country’s GDP. 

But it was Australia’s taste for bedroom gymnastics which took it to third place on the list with an index score of 62.28.  

Naplab’s sex index score ranked Aussies as the world’s most promiscuous – with the average number of sexual partners of 13.3 the second highest in the world, just behind Turkey (14.5) and just ahead of New Zealand (13.2). Australians lose their virginity just shy of their 18th birthday – Iceland topped that list at just 15.6 years.  

All of which added up to a sex index score of 360.14 for Australia, beds ahead of Brazil (340.66) and Greece (336.53), tipping us into third place on the addictive personality index. 

The top 10: 

  1. Romania (66.79) – alcohol 
  1. Latvia (63.40) – alcohol and online gambling 
  1. Australia (62.28) – sex  
  1. France (61.43) – coffee 
  1. US (60.80) – coffee and tea 
  1. UK (60.32) – sugar 
  1. Chile (59.57) – work hours and social media 
  1. Lithuania (59.53) – alcohol and online gambling 
  1. Bulgaria (58.27) – smoking and alcohol 
  1. Czech Republic (57.51) – alcohol and video games 

Data was compiled by experts from Go Smoke Free, a UK-based vaping products website, from sources including the WHO, the OECD, Statista, Our World in Data and the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations.  

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