‘Australia vs the world’ digital health summit

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Wild Health is holding a summit which aims to compare the best of the world versus the best of Australia in digital health.

Hot on the heels of a successful health leaders reform summit in Canberra in May, Wild Health has launched its next summit – a foray to the edges of possibility in Australia’s digital health landscape.

The summit will be held on 11 September at the UTS Aerial Function Centre in Sydney and will examine the global digital health race to consumer-centred care and what key overseas policies and technologies could be used to expedite the transformation in this country.

For a full agenda, and early bird tickets, CLICK HERE. The event is limited to 200 tickets (our last summit sold out).

Wild Health’s Australia vs The World will take a deep dive into five countries we think are achieving great things in areas of digital health and comparing how Australia is tracking in these against them, including:

  • Estonia for its digital economy precision medicine and biobanks, Israel for the digital strategy that created a national digital data asset attracting investment from across the world.
  • The US for its regulatory framework that is driving innovation and transformative data sharing.
  • NZ for its health data linkage strategies that support data integration for research and analysis supporting evidence-based insights and the ability to measure government initiatives and services.
  • Israel for building a vibrant digital health ecosystem which has attracted innovation and investment in health technology and pharmaceutical companies from across the world. It has also been an innovation hub for the creation of some of the most innovative healthcare solutions, including DB Motion and The Clinician, which are now part of Australia’s digital ecosystem.
  • Germany for its approach to building a regulatory and reimbursement framework to support digital therapeutics allowing the fast-track approval, testing and evaluation of health apps.

We also look briefly into some innovative regional plays in the UK and revisit aspects of the Danish experience which we looked at in depth during our Canberra summit.

Australia’s health system is at an Inflection point with our government communicating a transformation agenda to introduce innovative models of care and finally talking about implementing the standards to deliver interoperability.

Wild Health will ask what we can learn from these countries to help fast track our new-found momentum and vision for innovation and change in Australia.

Our live keynote speaker from Estonia will be Dr Priit Tohver the advisor for e-services innovation at the Ministry of Social Affairs in Estonia, who oversees the digital transformation of health and welfare systems in Estonia.

Dr Priit is also a director of the board at the Digital Health Society and he leads the north Estonian Medical Centre which has more than 4800 clinicians with seven clinics and 32 specialist centres.

We will be talking to him about Estonia’s digital health journey that started in the early 2000s and asking him what it is like to work as a clinician in a country that has such digital maturity in its healthcare system. We will also ask him whether Australia can borrow anything from that journey given the significant cultural and demographic differences between our countries.

Joining us from the US will be John Halamka, president of the Mayo Clinic platform and an outspoken commentator on interoperability.

We will be discussing the impact of the 21st Century Cures Act, how interoperability and digital health innovation is changing the US healthcare landscape and what he is seeing at the coalface of the extensive Mayo clinic networks.

Also joining us from the US will be Charles Cornish who is the CEO of Monarch Medical, and who previously worked in the Australian market as a health tech innovator. Mr Cornish was also the former CEO of innovative Australian health tech company Dose Me.

He has had firsthand experience what it is like for a health tech innovator in Australia trying to secure integrations and raise capital in a siloed health system.

Having worked in both the Australian and US health systems Mr Cornish has a unique lens on some of the challenges we may face ahead with some of the big EMR implementations we are planning in various states and territories in Australia.

Dr Penny Andrew and Ryl Jensen, CEO of the Digital Health Association of New Zealand and a board member of HL7 New Zealand, will be joining us from NZ to give us insights into the great work NZ is doing to support data linkage, bringing data together to support research analysis and planning, as well an overview of the effect of regional restructuring in that country.

To represent Australia, we have some of best and brightest clinicians and innovators to talk about the innovative work we are doing.

Our Australian speakers include Kate Ebrill from the CSIRO; Dr Susie Miller from the Victorian Virtual ED; Dr Mike Millard from St Vincent’s Health; Dr Natalie Thorne, scientific director of Genomical; Daniel McCabe, First Assistant Secretary of Medicare Benefits and Digital Health at the Department of Health and Aged Care; and Professor Karen Smith, director of the Centre for Research and Evaluation at Ambulance Victoria.

Harry Illes Mann will be there to talk about what it’s like to be the consumer in the Australian Health Care system.

Any queries about being a panellist or speaker can be directed to michelle@wildhealth.net.au

If you are interested in sponsoring or exhibiting you can contact john@wildhealth.net.au

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