Avant automates insurance reminders in PracticeHub

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This task has till now been time- and labour-intensive, and prone to human error and non-compliance.

Medical insurance provider Avant has added a new module to its PracticeHub service which automates certificates of insurance reminders for GPs.

Avant says the administrative burden of manually storing and updating insurance can create some medico-legal risks, so they have developed a system on their PracticeHub app to help doctors with the problem.

According to Avant, more than 900 healthcare organisations across Australia already using PracticeHub can now increase their efficiency by automating the certificates of insurance collection process.

Previously, this task has been time and labour intensive, involving manually collecting certificates from multiple providers, inconsistent data formats, multiple follow ups with doctors and manual tracking, which potentially leads to human error and non-compliance.

Avant’s Technology in Practice Chief Executive Officer, Martin Edwards, said the COI app streamlines this process and ultimately, helps doctors and healthcare organisations reduce their medico-legal risk.

“Ensuring practitioners are appropriately credentialled is of the utmost importance for all practitioners and healthcare organisations,” Mr Edwards said.

“Lapses in insurance renewals can expose both to medico-legal risk. Automating these processes helps them stay compliant while they focus on providing good quality medical service for patients.”

Using the COI app, a doctor can opt to automate the collection and validation of their certificate of insurance, uploading it directly to their own records. The app also integrates with Avant’s database so Avant members simply consent to their certificate of insurance being sent automatically to their nominated organisations each year, meaning they never have to worry about it again.

For admin teams, the app features a dashboard showing certificates that need renewing.

These can be filtered by site, practitioner type and expiry date, providing a way for healthcare organisations to ensure practitioners’ insurance certificates are current.

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