Most GPs back vaccine passports, cash incentive

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What do GPs think of vaccine passports and the $300 incentive to get vaccinated?

GPs overwhelmingly think the introduction of a vaccine passport system is likely to increase the uptake of vaccinations across the country.

Eighty percent of GPs surveyed in last week’s HealthEd PULSE survey series thought that vaccine passports would increase the overall uptake of covid vaccines, while only 3% thought it wouldn’t help, 13% were undecided and 4% said they would need more information in order to be able to comment.

Only 60% of the same group thought that vaccine passports would contribute to a reduction in vaccine hesitancy in any way.

In the same survey GPs felt that the $300 incentive suggested by the federal Opposition to incentivise individuals to get vaccinated probably wouldn’t be as effective in getting vaccination rates up, with only 52% saying they thought it would have a positive effect on the uptake of vaccines. Thirteen per cent of GPs thought it wouldn’t work, 29% were undecided and 6% wanted more information.

Last week’s HealthEd PULSE survey attracted responses from over 650 GPs with a properly weighted geographic distribution suggesting the results might have a margin of error of 4% with a 95% confidence level.  

HealthEd holds its PULSE survey every fortnight as a part of its MedEd webinar series. The next webinar is on Tuesday August 17 and will feature a COVID update from professor Nigel Crawford and a Depression and Menopaus Update by professor Jayashri Kulkarni.

The webinars are free – register HERE.

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