Hard-working GPs, have a sticking plaster on us

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We’re from the Department of Health and we’re here to help. With sticking plasters.

With more than 90% of eligible Australians now having had at least one dose of covid vaccine, it’s good to know the Department of Health is doing its bit to get the remaining stragglers across the line.

It has been brought to the Back Page’s attention that general practices recently have been receiving unsolicited parcels from the department containing what they need to speed the vaccination process along.

You’d be forgiven for thinking these mystery care packages must contain much-sought-after P2/N95 respirators, bottles of artisan-crafted aromatic gin and exotic-holiday vouchers for burnt-out doctors and practice staff.

Imagine the disappointment when one discovers it’s just a bunch of covid-19 branded badges, sticking plasters and posters designed, according to the department’s accompanying marketing guff, to “encourage people in Australia to keep booking and turning up for vaccine appointments”.

The posters, to be hung prominently in the clinic, have a QR code that folks can use to give themselves “I got vaccinated” filters on their social media accounts.

Would it be churlish for us to suggest this initiative is a tad tardy? Or that very few patients are likely to use these items? Or that there might be more effective things out there in GP-land that this money could have been spent on?

The package does, thoughtfully, contain a “thank you” to practices for their “constant dedication, commitment and courage” shown through the pandemic and an acknowledgment that these efforts are “saving lives and making countless differences”.

Which is more than can be said for this load of self-promoting bollocks masquerading as doing something helpful.

If you see something that knots your knickers, fling it on over to felicity@medicalrepublic.com.au

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