Protecting patients at greatest risk from RSV

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See how a new vaccine can help prevent severe illness and hospitalisation for infants and older adults.

You can now offer protection against RSV to infants, via maternal immunisation, and older adults with ABRYSVO1,2

Lower respiratory tract disease due to RSV is the most common cause of hospitalisation in infants, with most hospitalisations in Australia occurring in infants aged under 6 months.3,4

The most common causes of infectious disease-related hospitalisations in Australia are lower respiratory tract diseases (LRTDs), such as bronchiolitis and pneumonia, of which RSV is a leading cause.5,6 Respiratory disease due to RSV can be serious, particularly in the most vulnerable members of our community such as infants under 6 months old, and older adults, and is responsible for a high number of hospitalisations in these age groups.4,6

Adults hospitalised with RSV tend to be older and have more comorbidities than those hospitalised with influenza, and are typically hospitalised for longer, with the overall burden of comorbidities having a marked impact on hospital length of stay.7

  • 32% of RSV-related hospitalisations are in infants aged 0–2 months.4
  • In older adults, RSV may result in greater morbidity and mortality than seasonal influenza.7,8

In addition to its high burden of disease, RSV is a common respiratory virus. In 2023 alone, more than 27,000 older adults and more than 74,000 Australian children had a recorded RSV infection, with 64,414 of those infections recorded in children under 5 years.9 RSV is so prevalent in the community that all Australian children are likely to be exposed to it before the age of 2 years.10

Moreover, although RSV outbreaks have traditionally been seasonal, with a single annual peak each year, since 2020 there have been unprecedented widespread RSV outbreaks across the country, extending from spring into summer.11,12

Introducing ABRYSVO: the first vaccine to help protect both infants, via maternal immunisation, and older adults against LRTD caused by RSV.1,2

ABRYSVO is a single-dose unadjuvanted bivalent vaccine that contains two recombinant stabilised RSV prefusion F antigens representing subgroups RSV-A and RSV-B. Prefusion F is the primary target of neutralising antibodies that block RSV infection.1,13

Following a single intramuscular injection, the prefusion F antigens elicit an immune response, which protects against RSV-associated lower respiratory tract disease.1

ABRYSVO is indicated for:

Active immunisation of pregnant women between 24–36 weeks’ gestation for prevention of LRTD caused by RSV in infants from birth through 6 months of age.1Active immunisation of individuals 60 years of age and above for prevention of LRTD caused by RSV.1

ABRYSVO provides effective protection against RSV-LRTD14,15

In clinical trials, ABRYSVO has been shown to provide protection from RSV-LRTD, severe RSV-LRTD, and RSV-related hospitalisations in infants immediately from birth, through 6 months, and protection from RSV-LRTD in older adults.14,15

Reduction in risk of Severe RSV-LRTD in infants at 3 months and 6 months of age14

Reduction in risk of RSV-LRTD in older adults15

Safety and tolerability

In the maternal immunisation trial, there were no safety signals in infants up to 24 months of age.14 The majority of adverse events reported in pregnant women were mild to moderate in severity, and resolved within 2–3 days of onset. Serious adverse events were generally similar between ABRYSVO and placebo arms, with most being related to pregnancy complications and occurred more than 1 month after vaccination.14

In the older adult trial, ABRYSVO was generally well tolerated amongst the ~34,000 trial participants, with rates of systemic adverse events similar between ABRYSVO and placebo arms.15

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ABRYSVO (recombinant respiratory syncytial virus pre-fusion F protein vaccine) | Pfizer Medical Information – Australia

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If you have questions regarding ABRYSVO please contact Pfizer Medical Information at 1800 675 229. 

This vaccine is subject to additional monitoring in Australia. This will allow quick identification of new safety information. Healthcare professionals are asked to report any suspected adverse events at

PBS information: ABRYSVO is not listed on the National Immunisation Program (NIP) or the PBS.

Before prescribing, please review the full Approved Product Information here. {PI link needed}


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Abrysvo® is a registered trademark. Abrysvo® is supplied by Pfizer Australia Pty Limited, Sydney, Australia. Medical Information: 1800 675 229. PP-A1G-AUS-0056. May 2024. PFIZ0136.

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