How many COVID-19 cases are there near you?

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Wondering how many people have tested positive for COVID-19 in your suburb? Here’s a searchable bubble map…

It’s now possible to find out exactly how many COVID-19 cases there are in your local area.

NSW Health has released de-identified data on COVID-19 case numbers per postcode.

The hotspots for COVID-19 in NSW are Waverly (101 cases), Mosman (35 cases), Cumberland (32 cases) and Blacktown (27 cases).

With COVID-19 testing criteria in NSW now encompassing people in suburbs with high transmission rates, this data will help GPs decide whether to order a test or not.

TMR data scientist, Steven Pollack, has extracted the NSW Health data to create this searchable map – and will be updating the data regularly so it remains clinically relevant.




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