It takes a village

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Aged care is necessary – but what if it didn’t have to be a facility, and could replicate life at home?

The final report of the royal commission into aged care was damning, leading the government to call for an overhaul of the sector.

The two-year investigation, which produced 148 recommendations, highlighted the mistreatment of residents, overuse of anti-psychotics drugs and inappropriate staffing at facilities.

But there could be another way.

NewDirection Care, located in Bellmere Queensland, is a microtown for elderly people and those living with dementia.

With no chemical restraints allowed at NDC, residents live in shared homes and can spend their days enjoying a village-like atmosphere – complete with a café, shops and a GP surgery.

This episode we are joined by CEO of NewDirection Care Natasha Chadwick, to talk about a model of aged care which could provide greater independence and dignity for the elderly.

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