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MediRecords is launching its cloud-based patient-management system with a 12-month free subsciprtion offer


MediRecords is making an exclusive offer to 20 Medical Republic readers for  a free 12-month subscription to MediRecords for their entire practice. CLICK HERE TO APPLY

MediRecords is a fully functional, dedicated cloud-architected patient-management system offering, for the first time, a truly device and location-independent ability to conduct your normal patient-management functions. It also offers the ability to seamlessly talk to your patients, other doctors and allied healthcare professionals.

The “integrated” subscription includes MediRecords’ full suite of clinical and practice-management features and the world-first MediRecords Patient Application Module. The subscription will apply to first 20 applicants to sign up and start using the system.

All support in that process will be provided by MediRecords. Any practice who signs up and decides that the system is not suited to their practice is under no obligation at any stage, and will be able to return to their existing system if so desired, which will not be affected in any way by a practice deciding to try this system and then moving back.

Any questions please contact jon@asterx.com

You can register by CLICKING HERE

This article was sponsored and paid for by MediRecords

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