Mercy Health pilots new messaging platform

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The Baret platform, designed by Aussie digital health provider FiveP, has launched at Werribee Mercy Hospital and Mercy Hospital for Women.

Catholic-run provider Mercy Health has begun trialling a new messaging platform facilitating closed-loop communications among hospital staff at two of its Victorian-based hospitals.  

The Baret platform, developed by Australian software provider FiveP for use at Austin Health, offers a role-based messaging function allowing managers to assign duties to a specific “role” rather than staff member, while also streamlining data about individual staff members and their roles by storing it in a single database. 

Available as a mobile app running on Microsoft Teams, the platform also includes a clinical photography feature and the capacity to integrate with staff rosters through a live rostering system. 

According to Dr Oliver Daly, medical services director at Werribee Mercy Hospital, Baret’s ease of use and overall “simplicity” were the primary factors that had driven the organisation’s decision to begin piloting the new platform. 

“Health professionals do not want communication tools to get in the way of doing their jobs. When you give them too much choice, it gets in the way,” Dr Daly said. 

“By leveraging Teams, Baret lets you find somebody you need to call based on their role from directly within the app. It means you don’t have to have somebody’s phone number.” 

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