On-demand pharmacies open in Brisbane

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As more Australians are forced into social isolation, a new pharmacy delivery service plans to fill a gap in the market

As the COVID-19 outbreak continues to force more individuals into self isolation, residents in metropolitan Queensland are being offered medication delivery to their door, Tonic Health Media has announced.

The new Chemist2U service, launched this week in Brisbane, will offer both prescription and over-the-counter pharmaceutical deliveries to an individual’s home or workplace.

Chemist2U is a partnership between Tonic Health Media and local pharmacies in Brisbane to be able to deliver prescription medicines, pain relief and other pharmacy products straight to a customer seven days a week.

Tonic CEO Dr Matthew Cullen said he expected Chemist2U would expand to the other states in the weeks to come.

“Tonic’s goal is to improve the health outcomes for all Australians, in both the good times and challenging times,” he said.

“With Chemist2U, customers can have their scripts filled and order a wide range of other pharmacy products, including over the counter medications, feminine health, cosmetics, nappies, vitamins and supplements.”

To use the service, customers have to download the Chemist2U app, place an order and their delivery will be made in about three hours to the address of their choosing.

For prescription medications, customers will be required to take a photo of their script and upload it to the app. This prescription will be checked by a pharmacist who will then send the medication to the patient via the delivery system.

All prescription orders can only be received by the intended recipient or their carer. The customer will be required to hand over the original paper script to the courier service upon delivery.

If a script lists repeats, the customer will receive an updated copy which will list any remaining refills.

To ensure scripts are being managed safely, the courier will then return the script with original repeats to the pharmacy on the same day, before the end of business hours.

But Chemist2U won’t be offering any schedule 8 drugs for order or delivery.

Tonic said Chemist2U would be promoted to patients through their various media and digital networks which were positioned in GP and hospital waiting areas, as well as on the myDr website.

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