Online portal for mental health and addiction

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The eCLiPSE tool promises free 24-hour access to evidence-based clinical resources and services.

University of Newcastle and Hunter Medical Research Institute have launched a new digital health tool offering real-time treatment for mental health and addiction treatment across NSW.

The eCLiPSE online portal promises free, round-the-clock access to online screening, telehealth treatment, resources and clinical support services to address co-occurring substance use issues and mental health conditions such as depression, trauma and anxiety.

The portal also includes access to a moderated social media network where individuals can share their experiences with health professionals and other users, as well as resources and services for families and friends supporting loved ones experiencing mental health and substance use problems.

Professor Frances Kay-Lambkin, eCLiPSE co-founder and CEO of Hunter Medical Research Institute, said the team would be closely collaborating with clinicians in mental health and alchohol and other drug services across public and private health sectors to assist individuals with accessing to the portal.

While not a standalone replacement for traditional mental health and AOD services, the portal had the potential to change mental health and addiction treatment nationwide, Professor Kay-Lambkin said.

“eCliPSE holds a lot of promise in being able to transform the way we all seek and access support for our mental health and wellbeing,” she said.

“Our research shows that the programs in eCliPSE help just as much and in a similar way to traditional therapy provided in traditional ways.”

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