Primary care explained by a six-year-old

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Get your head out of your quantum fissure.

Dear Mark Butler, 

I’m confused. I’m writing to you because I really don’t understand what you’re trying to say.  

Whenever you talk about general practice you don’t use normal words like doctors, nurses and patients, you use words like “interoperability”, “digital landscapes” and “motherships”.

It’s like you’ve wandered onto a stage and instead of being asked to talk about primary care you’ve been asked to use the theoretical framework of quantum gravity to explain an episode of Star Trek

So what I did, Mark, is I asked my six-year-old to describe in pictures and words what doctors do. He’s seen a doctor before because he had a sore ear once so he knows what he’s talking about. 

I hope you find it useful and that in the future it can help you make the distinction between general practice and Star Trek

Best wishes, 

Mr Strugatsky

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