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We've compiled the best business advice from the past 18 months of podcasts into one episode.

Do you struggle to keep your practice running like a well-oiled machine? 

We’ve distilled the best pieces of business advice from the past 18 months into a single episode. 

Our line-up of experts share insights on how to earn more profit, retain staff, cover your risk and level up your practice management. 

Guests include an accountant, lawyer and cybersecurity guru. We also hear from a health economist and a GP who has scaled their clinic to good financial and patient reward. 

Their advice includes how to optimise billing, hours of operation, and the value of a monthly review meeting with your team.  

Our guests also delve into technology solutions to cover your biggest cybersecurity risk and using social media to recruit staff that are a perfect match. 

Can a general practice prioritise clinical excellence and still make money?Listen to The Medical Republic podcast and find out what the experts say. 


Guide to health privacy, Office of the Australian Information Commissioner.
You can listen and subscribe to the show by searching for “The Medical Republic” in your favourite podcast player. 

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