The Back Page: Victorians fall under #SexySutton’s spell

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#SexySutton groupies declare their love online

Victoria’s Chief Health Officer Brett Sutton has risen to prominence on social media through the lockdown – but not for the reasons you might expect.

A not insignificant proportion of bored Victorians under suburb arrest appear to have fallen horribly in love with the government’s lead medical officer, or “CHOttie” as they have dubbed him.

Around 13,000 people follow the “Brett Sutton is HOT” Facebook page and #SexySutton has been popping up on Twitter.

His silver-fox charm has been immortalised on bedspreads and mugs by true fans.

Naturally, someone unearthed a photo of a younger Brett Sutton with long hair and a singlet.

If this is what the people of Melbourne need to get them through this difficult time, The Back Page stands with you. Because we can’t really tell you to get out more.

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