The rebate rise and other get-rich-quick schemes

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Have you considered busking instead?

Most MBS rebates will rise slightly by 0.5% next month as the federal government applies a second round of indexation.

For a standard GP consultation the rebate will rise from $41.20 to $41.40. 

“I was a little disappointed to hear about the 20c increase,” Dr Matt Donaldson told The Medical Republic. “I mean, does the government really think that little of us?

“But then I thought, hang on a minute! I’ve got an old guitar hanging up in the garage, I can probably earn more from busking with that in the carpark.” 

Dr Donaldson set himself up outside the doors of his practice and began to strum.

“I had my ginger tom cat Mr Tiddles with me, an old checked hat and a wealth of songs. 

“I went through my entire repertoire, including Paracetamoxyfrusebendroneomycin, I’ve No More F**cks to Give and Sittin’ in the Waiting Room.

“It went down an absolute storm, the patients loved it and by the end they were hurling their 20c coins into the hat – there were even calls for an encore, which I’ve never had at work before.

“When I counted it up I’d made $38.55. Way more than I could have made relying on the pathetic rebate rise.” 

Dr Donaldson bought Mr Tiddles a cosy new basket and a tin of his favourite Carnation cream with the money.   

“It was so successful that next week my keyboard-playing colleague has agreed to join me, and she can play a pretty mean homage to Phoenix Nights’ Black Bin Bags.”

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