The Reject Shop gets into telehealth business

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How hard can it be?

Reject Health, a fully-owned subsidary of The Reject Shop, will provide same-day telehealth consults with a GP, it has emerged. 

“The Reject Shop has a large footprint in Australia with branches all over the country,” business expert Professor Candid told The Medical Republic. 

“Most people associate the Reject Shop with cheap crap but moving into the health space was the next logical step for them.” 

In the future, The Reject Shop will continue to offer landfill at everyday prices but will also offer telehealth with an AHPRA-registered GP for $45 a pop. 

TMR spoke with patients who have already used the service. 

“I had gastro and needed a work certificate,” said Tom from Sydney. “My usual GP was booked up for the next 15 weeks so I phoned Reject Health. Not only did they email me my work certificate but they also sold me a big bottle of Pepsi, a Donald Trump halloween mask and some Wildberry air fresherner.” 

“I was on hold for 20 minutes trying to get through to my GP,” said Tracey from Melbourne, “so I gave up and phoned The Reject Shop instead. While I was on the phone they sent me through an e-script, which gave me time to purchase a plastic cactus, a cat scratching post and a pool noodle, even though I don’t own a cat or a pool.” 

“I needed Endone,” said Greg from Queensland. “I needed it bad. So I phoned up The Reject Shop and demanded that they give it to me. At first they wouldn’t, but after I threatened their family they agreed to send me through a script, on the condition that I buy some duct tape, a pack of screwdrivers and a shovel. And to be honest they’ve already come in quite handy.” 

It remains to be seen if Reject Health will continue to flourish in an increasingly competitive market. 

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