Trump’s ‘unclimbable’ wall costs millions in surgery

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It’s something of an international sport to chase down inconsistencies between former US president Donald Trump’s confident declarations and reality. 

So, when the news broke today of a journal paper in JAMA Surgery showing an increase in traumatic injuries following the building of the 9m-high wall on the Mexican border, of course we were all Googling “Trump wall quotes” to see just how wrong his grandiose predictions were. 

Ah yes. Here’s what Trump said about his “big, beautiful”, “Rolls-Royce” wall, (as reported by The Washington Post in 2019): “This wall can’t be climbed … I guess maybe one of the greatest pole vaulters in history can get over the low one, but it’ll be very painful when they land.”

Well, I guess he was right about the painful part. 

As reported in JAMA Surgery, San Diego Trauma Centre witnessed a five-fold increase in migrants hospitalised for falls. 

These patients had smashed into the ground at high speeds, crushing the bones in their face and body, some with significant brain or spinal cord injuries requiring complex surgery. 

The paper estimates that the traumatic injuries associated with the building of the wall cost the American taxpayer $US13 million in increased hospital expenditure. 

And, no, Mexico did not pick up this bill either. 

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