Were you schooled in a tent?

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This band practice looks quite uncomfortable.

US high schools are ‘getting the band back together’ by asking clarinettists and trombonists to zip themselves into little COVID-safe green tents to do in-person rehearsals.

In a town in Washington state called Wenatchee, these little bubble chambers are allowing children to experience the joy of badly played big band numbers for the first time since the pandemic emptied schools. 

All the local goss was captured in a report by The Wenatchee World newspaper. 

“It is amazing the level of energy in the building, having adults interacting with kids but also the conversations of adults to adults,” said Eastmont school principal Eric Anderson.

“You get kids back in the building, you get a lot of smiles even with masks on. You can tell people are happy.”

We feel really sorry for the sousaphone player. (Photo by Don Seabrook)

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