Zedmed update includes secure telehealth ‘companion’

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Clinicians can now send invoices, referrals and letters to patients electronically.

Practice management system vendor Zedmed has added a free messaging feature to its latest update which allows healthcare providers to send invoices, referrals (including radiology and pathology requests) and letters to patients electronically. 

Secure Send has a secure portal that allows patients and NOK account payers to receive documents electronically. Recipients are sent a link to the documents and a one-time pass code to the portal, which holds their documents for seven days, at which point they automatically expire, keeping data secure. 

Clinicians can view Secure Send messages for a specific patient, including the email address or mobile number the document was sent to and the document category. 

Zedmed has also added an electronic signature capability for letters and referrals, as well as support for the new MyMedicare voluntary patient enrolment scheme. 

Zedmed v36-5-1 also includes the new Medicare incentive items, automatic recall reminders and generic radiology and pathology templates. 

There is also a new “Send directly to Pharmacy” checkbox for electronic prescriptions, which will print out a QR code that can then be faxed and scanned and emailed to the pharmacy.  

Zedmed says this is for compliance with state and territory legislation that prevents prescriptions from being given to patients for specific controlled substances, according to Pulse IT.  

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