Building at scale knowledge based collaboration models in life science research

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Learn how some of our healthcare organisations are starting to collaborate at scale using sophisticated new data technologies and cloud based implementations to optimise research into targeted complex disease treatments.

With the rapid rise in the development of molecular biologicals for complex diseases, healthcare and life science organisations are increasingly turning to larger scale data collaboration and the use of sophisticated analytics to develop more targeted complex disease treatments.

Some healthcare and life sciences organisations and their ecosystem partners are establishing innovative new knowledge-based collaboration models by leveraging recent advances in data management, storage, secure exchange and analytics technologies.

Join us for an hour on August 13 for an interactive session with an expert panel, as they discuss why collaboration is on the rise, how this trend is benefiting the healthcare industry, and how they are building and leveraging these collaboration models.
Learn how:

  • Global research groups are collaborating on data and findings
  • What technology – cloud, security, data analytics – is enabling these collaborations and how it is being implemented
  • To access to rich ecosystems is a key differentiator in R&D transformation
  • “Multi-cloud” works – where you’re organisation can have more seamless connection between partners who are using different cloud providers



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