Calvary and Salesforce team up for home aged care platform

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The platform, designed to help those staying at home as they age to access Calvary services, will be available within the next year.

Non-profit health organisation Calvary Health Care has partnered with US-based software vendor Salesforce to develop a new customer experience platform for aged care patients and staff.

Designed to streamline clients’ access to home care services tailored to their individual needs, the Calvary Care System is expected to be rolled out across Calvary’s home care services within the next 12 months, according to the organisation’s statement.

Implementation across residential aged care and hospital services is expected within the next five years.

According to Richard Taggart, Calvary’s national director for IT and digital transformation, development of the new platform was part of a widespread shift in the organisation’s business model to keep up with “contemporary clinical practice”.

“Calvary as a business has fundamentally changed, and we must capitalise on new and innovative ways to deliver healthcare and create accessible connected health pathways across the Calvary Care System,” Mr Taggart said.

“This requires ongoing investment in modernising assets in line with best-practice models of care that have been significantly altered due to the pandemic.”

“Enhancing and upgrading existing infrastructure to support contemporary clinical practice is one way to support our growth, but we also have invested in this digitisation program to enable modern and efficient models of care.”

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