Cancellations into appointments with new Healthengine function

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Practices can turn around holes in their schedules with a new patient-driven capability from the online booking solution.

Patients can now add themselves to an online waitlist for an appointment with their doctor thanks to a new solution offered by Healthengine. 

Waitlists allows practice staff to turn cancellations into new appointments more quickly as patients use the existing Healthengine booking form they already know.  

Practices can filter the waitlist to match patient preferences and then can SMS patients who can follow a link to confirm their appointment. 

General practices, allied health practices and dental practices can use the Waitlists capability. Patients change a setting in their app to add themselves to the practice’s waitlist. 

Healthengine CEO Dan Stinton said the company was “incredibly proud” of the new function which addressed a pressure point for practices across the country. 

“Our new Waitlist functionality is simple for patients to add themselves to and for practices across GP, dental and allied health to manage and close booking gaps quickly,” he said.  

“It really is something that adds value across customer experience, practice efficiency and practice revenue.” 

Waitlists is available for free as part of Healthengine’s complete general practice product. 

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