Eye of newt good, vaccine bad

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Watch your back, Dan Andrews, the pagans are displeased.

Democracy is a slow-moving beast.

So it’s easy to see why you might be tempted to expedite a change in public health policy with a backyard incantation or two, and the ritual burning of a syringe in an actual cauldron.


Normally, anti-vaxery is a pond that The Back Page is reluctant to wade into, because where do you even start? (For an idea of how long in the tooth this sentiment is, here’s a good place to start, and there are some great images here.)

But what we like about this example from Instagram witch, high priestess and psychic Lizzie Rose is the seamless combination of politics, pagan ritual, conspiracy theory, landscaping tips and hasty weather summoning as it starts to rain.

The Back Page thought modern witchcraft was mostly a lot of dancing naked in the forest, but Lizzie has more of an old-school long black dress and double-double-toil-and-trouble vibe.


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We the People’s Voice cast out this Government of corruption We the Awakened People say NO to Mandatory Vaccinations We Cast Out the Honorable Premier Mr Daniel Andrews as there is NOTHING honorable about him or the Victorian Government * Disclaimer My yard is in the middle of being freshly landscaped, this Viking cauldron and Fire pit is very new, so please excuse the rough conditions as this is before the turf is removed and pavers and seating area are installed. The message is too important to wait until the Witches outdoor ritual space is finished. YES the message is more important than the toxic burning of the plastic syringe. The filming is a bit dodgy as this is just another little spontaneous message leading up to a very serious and powerful ‘Ritual of Justice’ which is to be cast on the Victorian government this month. Where there’s a Witch there’s always a way VvvV We are CONNECTED WE SEE ALL Lizzy Rose ? #reopeneconomy #stoplies #liftrestrictions #stopfalsecovidtesting #nomasks #notoforcedvaccination #areyouawakeyet #cauldron #resigndanielandrews #burnthemasks #witchesofinstagram #witchcraft #witch #burnthevaccines #danielandrews #dictatordan #freethechildren #Freemasonry #freemasonrydemolay #paedophile #paedophiles #occult #ritual #satanic #humantrafficking #murder #coronavirus #plandemic #condemic #newworldorder

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“We the people’s voice cast you and your agenda out,” she intones, in words directed to Victorian Premier Dan Andrews aka #dictatordan, while melting a plastic syringe over her actual cauldron.

“We say no to mandatory vaccinations against our will. We burn away your evil agenda … No! We will not be vaccinated against our will. You are to leave government. You are to walk away from your power and your position. For we cast you out … Hail, and farewell Daniel Andrews, and blessed be!

“Guardians of day and guardians of night, great Mother Earth, in this cauldron of bounty, punish them, make them accountable by law … lift the restrictions! No to mandatory masking, no to mandatory vaccinations, reopen our economy!”

It’s not exactly Aleister Crowley, is it.

But wait – The Back Page wouldn’t want to be accused of shooting fish in a barrel, or cauldron, whatever.

So here’s a GP who on his Facebook pages posted swathes of anti-vaccination material, as well as spruiking vitamin C to cure or prevent COVID-19, denying the benefits of chemotherapy, comparing psychiatrists to undertakers, and much more – and all to a much larger audience than Ms Rose. He had his registration suspended by the Medical Board in May, and has just lost his appeal to VCAT.

If you see something stupid, say something stupid… Send your curses and spells for The Back Page to penny@medicalrepublic.com.au

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