Five hacks to get your CPD done on time

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Whether you’re an obedient loser or a cheat, there’s a method for every type of doctor.

How can you successfully complete your annual CPD?  Discover these five amazing strategies.

1. Procrastinate

Adrenalin junkie? Do absolutely nothing until 50 hours before the deadline then down a litre of Red Bull and knock it out in two days. The quality can’t be guaranteed but no one’s ever going to read it so who cares?

2. Warp time

Do a two-hour online course that promises 15 hours of continued professional development. Bend the laws of time and space, go on, you’ve earned it.

3. Outsource

For the low, low price of just $8795 you can buy a pre-completed audit, self-reflection activity and five hours of self-directed learning and have it delivered straight to your door. Submit the bumper pack with confidence this year knowing that medical-Santa Professor Candid has done all the work for you. 

4. Be creative

Do you like sticking rhinestones on to things? You do? Weirdo! Why not turn your weirdness into a mindful, self-reflective tool for CPD?

5. Do 50 actual hours of CPD

Slave away at the coalface of general practice and then, like the oppressed spineless slaphound you are, spend your spare time diligently completing 50 hours of CPD to please your powerful overlords.

Or make your registrar do it for you.

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