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For the kids looking for a real role model.

KAPOW! GP Joe: the all new action figure from Medi-toys

Pathology doesn’t stand a chance with GP Joe around. With eagle eyes that move from side to side he’s always on the lookout for disease, and comes with fully posable physique and snap-on tools including stethoscope and patella hammer.


Whatever the task, GP Joe can rise to the challenge. With his super-realistic vaccines, properly fitted N-95 mask and spinning wrist fury he’s ready for covid mayhem.


What’s that? The practice has flooded again? No problem! GP Joe snaps on his snorkel and is ready for some serious scuba action.

But that’s not all. The range also includes GP Jane.

Pull her cord and hear her authentic electronic voice:

“How can I help you today?”

“Evil is a one-way street buddy and that street is called diabetes.”

and of course

“The pharmacist told you WHAAT?”


Buy the all new GP action doll today and get his arch-nemesis the dreaded Malingerer for only $50.

Malingerer comes with Centrelink certificates, a fully functioning electric wheelchair even though his legs work normally and a relentless list of demands including:

“Have I got a list for you today, Doctor!”

“Everywhere hurts, Doc, even my fingernails!”

“It’s like my usual stomach pain but up a bit and to the left!”

and the insane

“When I’m hot I’m hot and when I’m cold I’m cold.”

The battle lines are drawn but can you defeat the Malingerer or will you run out of time and end up all bitter and burnt out.


Live the adventure and order your dolls today!

Batteries and medical indemnity not included.

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