Protect your asset: give your clinic a health check

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Disputes, contracts and shareholder agreements: time to run some tests?

The adventure of starting your own clinic or buying into one is loaded with significant opportunity and risk.  

Accountant Daniel Heath, of DPM Financial Services, says that too many work agreements in clinics are based on handshakes because most doctors are trusting types or absorbed in the medical aspects of the practice. Given the challenges of the past two years, this is understandable, but it does create problems despite the best of intentions. 

In this episode of The Tea Room Daniel Heath is joined by lawyer Josh Flett, of Fletcher Clarendon, in a short interrogation of the biggest issues their doctor clients bring to them. 

From service agreements to superannuation to exit strategies, Dan and Josh give the lowdown on the high price of not having sufficient taxation and legal frameworks in a clinic. 

You can listen and subscribe to the show by searching for “The Tea Room Medical Republic” in your favourite podcast player. 

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