After Hours: Flexibility to learn and earn while transitioning career

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The third in a series on the different experiences of doctors who work 'after hours' (Sponsored)



Dr Vishu Konda trained and qualified in India and emigrated to Australia 13 years ago to work in the public hospital system. A year or so back he decided he wanted to become a GP and got himself on the Eligible Pathways program.This is the third in a National Home Doctor Service sponsored series on the experiences of after hours doctors

Dr Vishu Konda spent 12 years working in the public hospital system before deciding he wanted to live in the city and become a GP. He moved to Brisbane to start his GP training and dropped income as a result.

“I love it. It’s so flexible and it suited my lifestyle perfectly. It’s a good experience as I’m going to be a GP anyway, it leaves me free to study and prepare for exams during the daytime and it’s well paid,” he says.

Dr Konda  moved from Brisbane to Townsville to work in a GP practice as a registrar and continues to study for his Fellowship exams. Although he now works in a practice by day, he still does some after hours shifts as he likes the to keep busy.

“I still have a fair bit of free time, I’m a bit of night time person anyway, I’m exercising my brain and earning a bit more. It suits me,” he says.

Asked if there was anything he didn’t like about the after hours work, Dr Konda couldn’t really think of anything.

“You do see a lot of different types.

“Some  at first can be a bit confronting, but what is nice is that you soon realise they are all really pleased to see you. The reality is you are there to help them and they know that.”

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