How not to sell general practice

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This whole parting-people-from-their-hard-earned-money thing is harder than we thought.

According to world-renowned GP Professor Trish Greenhalgh, general practice has a marketing problem.  

Which is just as well, because marketing expert Professor Candid has just produced an eye-catching advert: 

Are you feeling ill?  

Don’t worry! There are literally hundreds of friendly GPs out there who are more than happy to see you.  

And when the average out of pocket cost is only $42.33, you can’t go wrong!  

I mean what else could you buy with $42.33?  

How about this timber vegan shave brush?  

Or this pair of magpie earrings?  

Or how about this weird dragon thing?   

Whatever nonsense you were going to spend your $42.33 on, you’re better off putting it in high-quality healthcare provided by a GP you can trust. 

Remember. Your money. Your choice!  

Unfortunately, the ad may have backfired slightly. 

“I watched the ad,” Peter Clarkson told TMR, “and all the hands at the end confused me a bit.  

“But then I thought: Wow, that  timber vegan shave brush sure looks good, it beats listening to my doctor telling me how fat I am!”  

“The truth is,” Professor Candid admitted, “that people will spend their money on literally almost any old rubbish rather than on the person who is quietly saving or prolonging their life.”  

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