InterSystems signs deal with Consultmed for ‘replatforming’

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It’s all about smoothing the path between primary care, specialists and hospitals.

Data tech provider InterSystems has announced a collaboration with Consultmed, a referral management and automated workflow platform connecting primary care providers to medical specialists and hospitals. 

Consultmed will replatform its software onto InterSystems’ IRIS for Health, a move that will “accelerate and reduce the costs of new integrations with electronic medical record (EMR) and other clinical systems through a comprehensive range of pre-built interfaces and support for healthcare data standards”, according to the company announcement. 

“As the company has matured, we looked for the best platform to do integrations at scale,” said Associate Professor Vikram Palit, founder and CEO of Consultmed and a practising paediatrician.  

“InterSystems’ IRIS for Health allows us to expand our growth opportunities with a core technology platform that can support the major EMRs such as TrakCare, making us more competitive in the market for clinical workflow solutions.  

“Consultmed provides healthcare organisations with immediate insights into resource allocation and patient outcomes. This is achieved by understanding the reasons behind patient referrals, identifying priority cases that require specialist appointments and recognising those patients that can be more effectively managed in the community with remote expert advice.  

“InterSystems and IRIS for Health play a crucial role in supporting our growth in these areas.” 

Consultmed’s platform, hosted on Microsoft Azure, supports integrated referral management, virtual triage, Advice & Guidance™, secure messaging, digital patient forms, requests for admission, and AI digitisation of paper referrals. 

At the Sydney Children’s Hospitals Network, Consultmed’s rollout has enabled a 25%-35% average reduction in unnecessary specialist outpatient visits due to Advice & Guidance™, an estimated 55% reduction in missed outpatient appointments, and an 85% improvement in referral response time and appointment scheduling. 

“We look forward to helping expand Consultmed’s capabilities with IRIS for Health, introducing the company to our global customer base, and supporting its growth in Australia and around the world,” said Intersystems’ Luciano Brustia, regional managing director for Asia Pacific. 

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