Down syndrome raises COVID mortality 10-fold

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Adults with Down syndrome also have four times the risk of being hospitalised with the disease.

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22 October

  • Adults with Down syndrome have a 10-fold higher risk of dying from COVID-19 and a four-fold higher risk of being hospitalised with the disease, new research suggests.
    A population-based cohort study, published in the Annals of Internal Medicine, looked at health record data from 8.26 million adults in the UK, 4053 of whom had Down syndrome. Of the individuals with Down syndrome who died during the study period from January-June 2020, 39.7% died of COVID-19. However, among the deaths in people without Down syndrome during the same period, 20.3% were due to COVID-19. After accounting for age, sex, ethnicity, and health factors such as BMI and comorbidities, the risk of COVID-19-related death was 10-fold higher among individuals with Down syndrome compared to those without.
    The authors suggested that the effect could be the result of immunological issues, a predisposition to pneumonias and acute respiratory distress syndrome, or greater participation in day care programs.
  • The Bathurst 1000 motor race, which took place over the weekend, is in the public health spotlight after authorities detected SARS-CoV-2 viral RNA in untreated sewage from the town.
    NSW Health has asked anyone who attended or worked at the race, and local residents, to be alert for possible symptoms of COVID-19, and get tested even if they experienced the mildest symptoms.
    The north Melbourne suburbs of Dallas, Roxburgh Park, Broadmeadows, Preston and West Heidelberg are also on alert for COVID-19 symptoms, with authorities undertaking a door-knocking program in the area.
    Here are the latest confirmed COVID-19 infection numbers from around Australia to 9pm Wednesday:
    National – 27,444, with 905 deaths
    ACT – 113 (0)
    NSW – 4356 (10)
    NT – 33 (0)
    QLD – 1165 (1)
    SA – 485 (1)
    TAS – 230 (0)
    VIC – 20,323 (3)
    WA – 739 (1)

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