Swift v science: who wore it better?

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All this time, Taylor Swift’s outfits have been channelling different types of medical imaging.

A US-based radiologist has pointed out that Taylor Swift’s outfits look like different types of medical images – and it’s been both alarming and charming to the med folk of Twitter.

Dr Shadowgazer (@DShadowgazer), a semi-anonymous(?) radiologist whose Twitter bio places him “Somewhere in the Dark, United States”, has posted a series of pictures of Tay-Tay positioned next to different medical images that bear a curious resemblance to the pop star.

The fashion comparisons run through all the colours of the radiological rainbow, from MRI scans to lung x-rays, bowel x-rays, gout crystals and a histology slide.

The post recievied a mixed reception, with Dr Gayatri Joshi (a physician at Emory Medicine in Atlanta, Georgia) saying, “This is exactly what my soul needs right now” and a Twitter account called “Out of Office” writing, “this thread hurts my sense of place in the universe”.


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