MedAdvisor developing AI for medication advice

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The platform seeks to replace traditional chatbots with an AI ‘virtual confidant’.

ASX-listed health technology company MedAdvisor Solutions has partnered with US-based AI developer Brand Engagement Network to develop an AI assistant platform allowing patients 24/7 access to personalised advice and support for medication management.

The new platform, which will be integrated with MedAdvisor Solutions’ Medication Advisor product, will employ conversational AI to develop advice tailored to patients’ individual preferences and needs, overcoming the limited knowledge and conversational skills of traditional chatbots.

A spokesperson for MedAdvisor said the AI assistant platform would act as a “virtual confidant” offering support as well as information for users on a round-the-clock basis.

MedAdvisor has not yet confirmed when the platform will be available in Australia, with the company in the process of undergoing a two-year modernisation program, including implementing several upgrades to the MedAdvisor app and PlusOne pharmacy professional services platform.

In November 2023 the company was awarded a contract to enhance its PlusOne platform to facilitate the delivery of the 2024-2025 North Queensland community pharmacy scope-of-practice pilot, scheduled to have launched in March this year.

An announcement from Queensland Health regarding the status of the pilot is expected to be released later this month.

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