Oh, the transformative power of $25k

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It’s amazing what a canny practice manager can do with the square root of nothing at all.

General practices will be transformed by a one-off grant of $25,000, it has emerged.

The Labor government’s teat keeps on giving and this week Mark Butler whipped ‘em out to offer up the sweet milk of government grants.

The Medical Republic spoke with Ms Leonora Carrington, a practice manager in Melbourne.

“We couldn’t believe our luck,” said Ms Carrington.

“The decade-long Medicare freeze and relentless underfunding meant we were on the brink of going under. But mercifully Mr Butler came along with his $25,000 rescue package and saved us.

“The important thing is not to get carried away and spend it all at once,” she continued. “I mean, if we’re sensible enough we can fundamentally reshape the way we care for patients.

“We’ve had to submit various funding and expenditure proposals like the ones below, and I think you’ll agree they are all potentially transformative.”

Only time will tell if the Labor government’s generosity will help keep practices like Leonora’s afloat.

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