Self-care for GPs, with Professor Candid

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All work and no play makes Dr Jack a menace to himself and others.

We all know that general practice is a one-way ticket to charred, smoking career burnout.

That’s why it’s so important  to look after yourself. 

Here are Professor Candid’s wellness tips:

1.       Hobbies

It’s important to strike the right work-life balance. Without an outside interest you are merely an empty vessel ringing to the brassy sound of medical woes. 

So fill in that troubling void with a hobby!

Why not breed miniature Schnauzers, or better still, dress them up as little generals and put their photos on facebook. 

2.       Perspective

Sometimes comparing yourself with others can help. For example, you can convince yourself that you’re normal by spending some quality time with colleagues who are stranger than you. And let’s be honest, strange colleagues aren’t difficult to find.

3.       Art

You may not be the next Francis Bacon but you can still let out your professional rage on the canvas.

Personally I like to paint in the classic style: butt-naked with a paint-brush in my mouth. At least I think that’s how you’re supposed to paint.

The Patient, by Professor Candid

4.       Colouring in

If art isn’t your thing then why not try colouring in. 

There’s nothing quite like mindfulness to distract and entertain, providing a much needed break from the front line of primary care.

Colour in something that reflects your job, like Edvard Munch’s The Scream.

5.       Curry and beer

Nothing beats stress quite like a chicken tikka masala and an extra-cold IPA.

Tuck in and feel the cool hand of Shiva cross your brow. Your teeth-grinding cares will soon be smothered in ghee and skimmed to the distant horizon where life is full of bliss, at least until your coronary arteries fur over.

6.       Music

Music is transcendental and a shortcut to the more ineffable emotions. It can transport and move us to tears.

Personally I have a penchant for “trap”, a sub-genre of hip-hop. It makes me feel like I could ditch general practice, join a crack gang and spend the day hustlin’. Wagner has the same effect.

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