Take 30: Eating disorders come in all shapes and sizes

1 minute read

The stereotype of people with eating disorders as dangerously underweight, middle class, female teens isn't correct


The image of a dangerously underweight, white middle class female is what springs to mind when thinking about eating disorders.

This could not be further from the truth, explained psychologist Dr Beth Shelton explains in this 30-minute video.

“This [stereotype] is not really helpful because this is not really what’s happening,” she said.

A person with an eating disorder could be underweight, a healthy weight or overweight, continued Dr Shelton.

Men have also been experiencing body image issues and unhealthy eating, particularly with the rise of gym culture.

“A lot of boys don’t get picked up,” she said. “Sometimes boys might be getting really active and getting really sick but we just don’t notice.”

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