Terms and Conditions for Access to The Medical Republic

Unlimited access to The Medical Republic is only available to Medical Professionals with an AHPRA number, unless you are verified independently by the publisher as a professional working in the pharmaceutical marketing sector (see below).

If you click YES to being a medical professional you will be granted access to parts of the site which are restricted to the public as they contain information and promotions which only medical professionals legally are able to view.

In order to confirm your status as a medical professional we will ask you in a subsequent visit to provide us with your AHPRA number and identification details.

If you are a member of the public simply press NO, to the Medical Professional question and you will still be granted access to most of the information on the site.

If you are an industry professional seeking access to the site please email sarah@medicalrepublic.com.au with your name, company and role, and she will organise registration on your behalf within 3 working days. Registration includes access to our daily email newsletter to medical professionals.

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