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If you think Google already knows too much, then this latest move is going to lift your paranoia to a whole new level

If you think Google already knows too much about you, then this latest move by the technology giant is going to elevate your sense of paranoia to a whole new level.

A company called Verily, a health-focussed spinoff of the Silicon Valley behemoth, has launched a project called “Baseline”, which aims to probe into the intimate medical details of 10,000 volunteers.

The participants will be monitored for four years and will agree to have samples of their blood, saliva, stools and tears routinely and painstakingly scrutinised by the project’s investigators.

As well as wearing a heart-tracking watch and having an electronic loop under their mattresses to record sleep patterns, the volunteers will also undergo comprehensive X-rays and heart-scanning, and have their genomes examined.

The ultimate objective? The creation of a massive trove of health data which can be mined to discover new biological predictors of disease, says Google.

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