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There really is one born every minute. Here's the proof

They say “there’s one born every minute”, and if you ever doubted the veracity of that observation, we invite you to read on.

There are lots of things you can waste $25 on these days, but we think the “mobile phone radiation harmoniser” really takes some beating.

So what does the “harmoniser” claim to do exactly? According to those spruiking the product it will “neutralise the noxious radiation emissions” from devices such as mobile phones, wi-fi routers, computers and laptops, iPads … so kind of anything without a cord.

Stop me if you already knew this, but apparently “our health is affected by the noxious energy beam that is transmitted between the mobile phone … to the communication tower or modem”. Moreover, this noxious energy beam “penetrates the cells around your head and body, thus affecting your wellbeing”.

Come to think of it, your TMR Editor often feels a bit dizzy and light-headed sometimes, but that’s usually when he leaves his mobile phone at home by mistake.

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