Vale Professor Dennis Pashen, ACRRM founding member

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The prominent rural GP is remembered for his kindness, generosity and hatred of bureaucracy.

Former ACRRM and RDAA president and “icon of the profession” Professor Dennis Pashen has died, leaving behind a powerful legacy.

Professor Pashen, who spent the majority of his 50-plus year career in Queensland, was one of the founding members of ACRRM in 1997 and led the college between 2007 and 2009.

He most recently practiced in Tasmania and received the Rural Tasmanian Doctor of the Year award in 2022.

Professor Dennis Pashen

ACRRM CEO Marita Cowie said Professor Pashen was a “kind and generous bloke” who will long be remembered for the positive changes he brought to the industry.

“Dennis was a wonderful friend and colleague,” she said.

“I’m proud to have known him and to have worked alongside him for many years.

“He hated bureaucracy (passionately!) and had a talent for cutting through to the heart of issues that really mattered.”

RACGP president Dr Nicole Higgins described him as a fierce advocate for rural general practice and rural generalism, and acknowledged that the profession wouldn’t be where it was today if it weren’t for his work.

“There were few people who could match Dennis’ gravitas, experience, or strategic insight into the role and importance of rural generalism for the health of rural and remote communities,” said RACGP vice president Associate Professor Michael Clements.

“He could connect the dots between clinical practice, academic research, and politics.

“He was a mentor and inspiration to many of the current leaders in rural health and rural advocacy, and I personally benefited immensely form his support and encouragement.”

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