Will you opt out of the My Health Record? If so, why?

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Take this quick survey so we can gauge what GPs think of the upcoming My Health Record opt-out process

Take this quick survey so we can gauge what GPs think of the upcoming MHR opt out. Click HERE to take survey.

After last week’s GPDU18 poll  on the My Health Record (MHR) I got the odd (sensible) person telling me that the story, in which we reported that over 60% of GPs at the conference said they would be opting out of the MHR, featured a poll was hardly scientific and had a very low sample (124) –  but it was an interesting question.

What was the question, I hear you thinking?

“If you haven’t created an MHR yet, will you be opting out of it in the coming months.”  Out of 124 responses, 63% said they would opt out, which was a bit of a shock.

So we’ve determined to go wider and see what a more general population of GPs think about the MHR. Apparently, GPDU types are not a well distributed survey population of GPs (they read The Guardian too much).

This will only take you a few minutes, we will not collect any of your personal data, and it’s important. Why? I can think of a few reasons:

  • If GPs really aren’t bought into the MHR yet then how are they going to effectively communicate it’s utility to the general public over the next few months?
  • If they aren’t bought in, how come the ADHA thinks that they mostly are? And where is the disconnect? At the moment it feels like the ADHA thinks that the GPs are pretty much all on board with the MHR. But that might be them talking too much to the top brass at the AMA and the RACGP, who are on board. As we know, the RACGP and AMA  saying something does not mean GPs as a whole agree.
  • If the  GP community isn’t behind the MHR, wouldn’t it make sense to understand why?

So please take a few minutes and let us know your thoughts. We will publish the results in the coming week.

Take survey HERE

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