Get 217 vaccine doses for proper covid immunity

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You’ll feel fine and your antibodies will be off the charts.

A 62-year-old German man is now the official poster child for hypervaccination.

This man “deliberately and for private reasons” received a whopping 217 covid vaccinations over 29 months, according to this case study in the Lancet.

Not only did he experience no adverse effects, but he had an increased quantity of spike-specific antibodies and T cells compared with a control group of 29 people who only had the recommended three doses.

It’s popularly believed that chronic antigen exposure can cause immune tolerance – maybe he’s the exception.

But we now know at least one thing to be true: if you show up to the same clinic two days in a row for a shot, the staff may recognise you and have some questions. And the authorites won’t be cool with it.

Because unfortunately for our medical marvel, it seems he may be charged with fraud, as he underwent all this vaccination under false names to help others circumvent the vaccination passport system.

Prosecutors confirmed that 130 of these doses were given over just nine months. That’s more than 14 jabs a month!

The case was first discovered by the team at the Institute of Microbiology via a newspaper article reporting his arrest. They contacted him and he eagerly became their guinea pig.

One of the researchers, Dr. Kilian Schober, described the man as being “very interested” in participating in testing. He readily donated blood and saliva over the next several years and was forthcoming with his private medical information, even admitting to the extra vaccinations that prosecutors hadn’t found (oops).

At his own insistence he received his 217th (and hopefully final) dose as part of the study so that researchers could evaluate his immune response, which showed a significant increase in SARS-CoV-2 antibodies.

Over the study period, the man underwent 62 clinical evaluations, all showing a fully functioning immune system, absolutely no abnormalities in chemical parameters, and no suggestion of a previous covid infection.

One can only imagine how ripped off he would have felt if he’d managed to contract covid despite getting 14 jabs a month.

Dr Schober explained that there has been indication in the past that T-cells can become fatigued over time, causing them to release fewer pro-inflammatory messengers. In this case, they noted no fatigue of these effector cells, stating that the man’s were just as effective as those of the control group.

In taking one – or hundreds – for the vaccine-sceptic team, he seems to have made himself superhumanly covid-proof.

His motives may not have been pure, and sure, he may go to prison for it – but surely that’s a small price to pay for a scientific contribution this ridiculous.

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