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It’s time to toughen up at boot camp!

Are you exhausted by the burden of excessive bureaucracy?

Are you expected to give more and more of yourself for less and less pay?

Are you being morally harmed by your job?

If yes, then it’s time to toughen up!

The RACGP is proud to introduce “Resilience Boot Camp”, where you will learn core skills from our fully qualified instructors and put the flex back into your professional muscle.

Here are some testimonials provided under duress:

“I was so demoralised I used to cry in my car on the way home. If I’m honest I felt like a doormat. But after spending a weekend at college boot camp I was back on track. A big thank you to all those involved!” – Dr Mary Cartwright

“I was seriously thinking about leaving the profession when the resilience team rocked up, threw a black hood over my head, bundled me into the back of a van and drove me out into the forest. I started to think I was going to die out there, but boy, did the whole experience toughen me up! I give the team and their methods five stars out of five.” – Dr Cedric Villani

“At boot camp I was forced to strip naked, take an ice bath and then run up a mountain with a colleague strapped to my back. Not only am I now ready to go back to work but I’m ready for the trenches in the Donbas. I’ll never let a patient’s snarky comments get the better of me ever again! Besides, I could probably now kill them with a single blow to the neck.” – Dr Grigori Perelman

“I’d received an APHRA notification that just ripped my heart and soul out. After giving everything to my patients for as long as I can remember it felt like a betrayal. But after the crazy obstacle course and being pushed out of an aeroplane I felt like David Goggins on steroids. Definitely would do it all again!” – Dr Andrew Wiles

“I was reading Swann’s Way, the gateway to Proust’s 1.25 million-word masterpiece Remembrance of Things Past, but after attending resilience training I ripped the book in half with my teeth and spat it out. From now on I’m ditching my literary pursuits – which are as delicate and as translucent as tubercular skin – and will only ever read books about the SAS.” – Dr Elizabeth Blackwell

“After the course I found readjusting to civilian life a little challenging. I made a dugout, refused to go into the house and lived on magpies that I’d strangled with my bare hands. I think it’s fair to say that nothing in general practice will ever upset me ever again!” – Dr Constance Stone

If you apply for a place now you get an early-bird gift voucher and a free Boys Don’t Cry T-shirt.

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