Website aims to centralise sample ordering

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An online tool for ordering healthcare product samples launched this week (Sponsored)

A website launching this week hopes make it easier for GPs and pharmacists to get their hands on product samples.

GPs often wait for a sales rep to visit or a flyer to arrive before ordering product samples or starter packs.

The MySamples website intends to make this process faster by connecting registered healthcare professionals with many manufacturers simultaneously.

Product samples selected online or by phone are delivered for free the next business day to GP clinics or pharmacies. Healthcare professionals can also request a rep visit or deal sheets for each product.

Samples offered on the website range from prescription-only medicine to over-the-counter products, but exclude restricted S8 products.

There are currently around 24 different product samples available on the website, including a liquid antihistamine (Little Allergies), an iron formulation (FAB IRON), a lubricant laxative containing liquid paraffin for children (Parachoc) and an ointment to relieve anal fissures (Rectogesic), among others.

MySamples is encouraging more manufacturers to use the website to reach healthcare professionals.

“[It] provides a secure, compliant and measurable way to promote and distribute your product to doctors and pharmacists,” Danielle Byers, the managing director of MySamples, said.

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